It is honor if they catch you

They are Italian police driving Lamborghini.
Time to think another job career (if you are not f€#£%&g filthy rich).

More information (Official Press Release):

For the first time, Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) will use a Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car.
The super car, in State Police colors, with a siren and flashing lights on the roof, has been donated by the House of Sant'Agata Bolognese to the State Police on the occasion of its 152nd anniversary, held in the customary setting of the Piazza del Popolo in Rome on the 14th, 15th and 16th May 2004.
The Gallardo Police Car will be used by the traffic police (Polizia Stradale) during emergencies and alarm situations on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway, also under the powers of the special safety operative which is already being employed along this tract of highway.

The Gallardo will also be used in first aid activities - thanks to its special defibrillator equipment, which performs electrocardiograms and automatic diagnoses of arterial pressure and the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood-as well as the transportation of plasma and human organs for transplants.

Apart from being fitted with medical equipment, the vehicle will also have advanced technological apparatus' for receiving and transmitting information and images relating to particularly critical situations, such as road traffic accidents, fires and other disaster situations.

All this will be made possible thanks to the use of other sophisticated equipment on board the 'Lamborghini Polizia', for example, the satellite navigational system with GSM micro telephone, the Provida system which records violations and sends images in real time, direct connection to the Police database as well as the Elsag 'Autodetector' system for number plate recognition and VHF-Polizia equipment.

The use of The Gallardo -which has a 10 cylinder, 5 liter, 500 hp engine and equipped with a full aluminium body - will also be possible in bad weather and road conditions due to its high performance with permanent four-wheel drive and special 'Sottozero' snow tires developed by Pirelli for Lamborghini vehicles.

Is this some kind of

Christmas present or what?
Hope that Santa Claus reindeers didn't make suicide because of this!!!

This time it is YOU who is OWNED

Do you have little? x)
Little tip, don't surf when you are naked.

Are you sure what

Are you sure what kind of pet you really want? I mean should it be dog or duck? ...

You should NOT woke up

How this happened to ME!!!!!! F&#&¤%K

Advertising work

I think someone doesn't like advertising.
Thanks for great shot!

Are you seeing these often?

Maybe little bit scary if you see...

Cow car

Is someone really driving this cow car?
Please, show me also driver!

Mad cow is staring you

Remember don't eat mad cow meat.

Khi hi hiii

You are owned (dog language: wuf wuf hau hauuuuu)

Hard day

Lovely dog, it has been quite hard day for this dog I think.

Did she eat little too much

This can happen to anyone, so not OWNED :)

Stolen cannon

I found this from internet, this is really stolen cannon.
Who the hell stole cannons (there was also some more).
Well i understand that you can get quite big moneys but...

BMW and owner OWNED

This is also little sad... NOT
Owner is so owned, sorry for him.
(click image and you get bigger image)

Stolen car - owner owned

I hope that owner doesn't caught who have done this or somebody life might be really cheap.

Cheap stolen door

Well it was cheap.
I love owning people!

Shit happens

Neighbor got new tires ;)


Hello hello you all AGAIN

This is just information to you all.
I think that I need drink some long drinks today, so it MIGHT be that i don't update this site today.
But let's see...
Oh, if you don't know what is Cool Grape long drink what i really much like here is picture:

Oh i haven't told to you but tomorrow is also my girlfriend 26y birthday day.
So my darling happy birthday!!!!!!

This might happen also to you

After vacation owning.

He have most best friends

You should also get this kind of friends and if you get, PLEASE send images to me :)

Colleagues are SO funny

It would be nice to know what happens when you turn it ON.
Should i contact post-it company for advertising their product...

My car!!!!!!!

Who the f$!k !!!

Surprise to colleague

I hope that he didn't kill you. I would.

Zuppi duppi duu, I'm not doing anything

I think this does not need any comments :)

Love making

Humping pigs (you can actually purchase these, just little googling)

I need to be FIRST!

Let me go first... stupids and now OWNED

Car for women's

This is so cool, especially if you have shoe fetish...


Hey blond don't ticket it yet

All people park their boats just like me, nothing abnormal!

Teeny weeny BITE


Ouch! You cruel human, I'm so owned

S/he does not like it, purrr

Ronald totally owned

Poor Ronald, hope you have money for gold prison meal.

It's my day off

so leave me alone, ThanX.

Thanks a lot

Do i now look pretty?

Please, do NOT

You are going to be so OWNED if you drive this car!

Owned Jedi squirrels

Only one problem, who is Darth Vader?


Woohooo!!! This is FUN!

Pandas are so coool!!!

Panda inside a car

What do you think, is this safe driving?
Hey hitchhiker do you need a ride? I might bite, but only little...

I'm burniiing

Donate to this man, i think he need plastic surgery.

Sweden sucks!

I think this lad has a point what he says.....

Were have you got your driver license?

I think somebody should take some more driving lessons.
Hope you have also good insurance

I don't know is he

wanker, because there is some proofs, like you can see.

Hi and welcome to my Daily owned blog

This is my blog 1st day in publicity, please be kind because it is still little shy.
Like you can see i'm blogging all kind of owned but funny shots to this site.
I have always liked all kind of funny stuff and i thought that i must do this blog.
Well i hope you like this site too and come back then when you have time.

Mjam mjam I need more

O ou, this is so called "self ownage"


My mistake... sorry

Hey! Don't shoot

You got me, but!
If you think I will surrender, you are wrong... khi khi khhiii


Well you don't need those

Or do you?

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