Sunday morning

Running all night long and this is the result.
FIN: Tuo kizza oon kuin mä huomen aamuna, lonkut lopussa ja häiriköt hakkaa päässä.

Saturday night

Or is it Saturday love :?
Someone is getting IT good

Trojan pig

I think that you have heard something about Trojan horse, but what about Trojan pig?

Winter is coming to Finland

So remember, christmas elfs are watching you.

And how did you get it there?????

Did it came from space?

LET'S CRASH FERRARI!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye the way great scooter ;)
FIN: Siinä on vissiin kohtuu vanha pappatuna

My favorite frisbee...

Is it your last year christmas present?
I would buy this to my dog, those bones are great :)

Siuro, Batman's hometown

I didn't know that there is www.siu.ro webpage :D They have bought this page OMG :')
If you didn't understand this, Siuro is really little village and it is part of Nokia town here is map (no i do not mean Nokia mobile phone company) this traffic sign does mean that you are coming to Siuro.

Lost my job today!

Time to run! Hurry, where is my Siberia map???


It's my 100 post SO it's time to own some SWEDISH PEOPLE :) YES

Be careful when you travel to Sweden ;P

Hello my victims

Ok, I need say at first that there is not really good maps from Finland in Google maps, but if you need see what kind of country Finland is you can try this link:
Google Southern Finland (check also other areas).

If your friend is working in Google, please tell that many Finnish people use (90%) Google and we need better maps!

Smile to you ALL

Do you have a great time?

Shit happens

Family member... but where are your fleas?

Hey, there is...

space for fourth car, so be quick!


Haven't seen this in real life yeat, but maybe someday :)
Looks like there is fire brigade helping this WOMAN ;)
Ok ok, don't take it personally...

Omfg! I found yesterday totally embarrassing picture

Sorry, i REALLY can not say anything.
If you think that you should get same kind of COSTUME to your dog, you need just Google a little bit.
FIN: Pakko kommentoida näin jälkikäteen: Oikeesti kuka rääkkää koiraansa noin?
Joskus on nähnyt niitä kaksi koiraa menee naimisiin kuvia, mutta niitä ei kehtaa edes laittaa tännekään.
Alkaa prkl lonkerot loppua... No joo, JATKAKAA!


Too many days without cat owning :)

And here you are: OWNED CAT
I think someone is little pissed off.
FIN: Jotain hieman vi%&#%aa, melkein käy sääliksi.
Ei kissoja tarvitse pestä, ne tekee sen itse... ainakin noin nuori yksilö.

Only one question, why?

What he was doing? Must be some kind of rally racing, but why this hole in the ice?

Who said that you need use horse carriage?

Somebody is watching you :)
FIN Lada lujaa laatua...

This guy is really owned

Where have you been all night??????


Ferrari crasher

How can you do this? I'm feeling so bad :(
Even if your papi is filthy rich you don't need crash MOST beautiful car what has been manufactured.

Do NOT take my parking place! Or

next time you are going to get warning!

Superball lover fantasy

Have you ever thought how it would feel when these balls bounce over you?
You just wait until you hear bounching and then ... you are hitted to ground.
I think that it would be great :)

Ocean liner and captain

Good captain stay when boat is sinking... but what about if it does NOT sink???
It is impossible to understand how this happened.
Can anyone explain?
This ocean liner is so big that it should be possible to be seen from google maps, like these others.

Mickey Mouse and tooth troll fight

Few days ago Mickey Mouse was scaring children and today it's payback time :)

Update: I got important information that this tooth troll isn't tooth troll, his name is
Domo-Kun, sorry my mistake, but i didn't know his name, so it was impossible to find this information.

SO here you can find more information about Domo-Kun

And as you can see Domo-Kun have many friends.

Domo-Kun FAQ


Wow... What a motorcycle

How big is driver?

You have to try chess playing

Here is woman's version

And this one is for men's.

Mr. Bunny goes to heaven

or not... Happy end?

Cheater or not?

Or what have happened? FANTASTIC OWNED PICTURE!
How many you are crying blood ;)

Killer cat is striking

I'm happy that i don't have that kind of cat...
Well actually i had little kitty, but i couldn't keep it because allergy (which came suddenly)
My parents are not allergic persons and they took her, so atleast i can see her once in a while :)

Ha ha ha very funny, THANKS.

Poor dog, hope he gets his revenge later.


Crash buum bang

Same kind of accident happened here in Finland at last winter, there was really many cars in that accident too:

I don't know how many, but the picture tells enough.

Update: As you can read from comments, not so funny thing... :(


I need share christmas feeling with you

This is not owned link, but it is so awesome that i need tell it to you.
Well actually neighbours are totally owned when they have seen this few times ;)

Please, let me introduce CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

Scary dog with crabs

Well, i don't like crabs too.

Ferrari owned

Insurance company doesn't want know about this...

Car in pool

I'm almost crying... where this car came from?
Looks like there is also some wires going to pool.

Disneyland adventure

Mickey Mouse is scaring shit out of him.

Uups, i did it again

Souvenier photo from Iraq.

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